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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Top 3 are actually paid ads
Most business owners know that certain parts of the newspaper page are more expensive to advertise on because they magically get more reading attention.
By virtue of position on the page, the reader tends to see them more often, more easily – it catches the reader’s . . .

Monday, 16 July 2012

My Computer Won’t Work!

Many years ago, I worked in a computer helpdesk for a large manufacturing company.

Our most frequent phone call was – “Hello, my computer won’t work!”

Friday, 13 July 2012

Here’s a quick tip to avoid computer viruses.
I still don’t understand, nor have heard any reasonable explanation for, computer viruses. What’s the point of creating them, (unless it is a conspiracy to make money by selling anti-virus software! LOL). Anyway, there are many simple ways to avoid getting a computer virus . . .
Internet censorship you don’t even know about . . .
Yes, we know what you are doing . . . . . and we think that you should probably stop.
Who wants to get fired? Who has a hangover? Who is taking drugs? Who’s got a new phone number? For years we have worried about what Big Brother knows about us . . . but . . .
Can you guess what this is?

Clue – It is very old. Clue – we still use them today. Clue – we could not live without them today . . .
Where will it end?
Facebook Groups will now let you see who looked at your posts and who didn’t! The new feature is betting rolled out gradually from now, like all of Facebooks updates.