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Friday, 16 August 2013

Do You Want Fries With That?

By now we’ve all heard of the famous catch-cry – “Do You Want Fries With That?”

It started at McDonalds, and they have made millions, if not billions, of . . .

2701003490 8c9b6a28e2 m dollars from that simple, 6 Word Question.

The customer is already standing there in front of them with their wallets and purses open. 

They just tempt them to increase the purchase a little.

So it begs us to ask . . .

what are the “fries” in your business?

What is the low-price, high margin add-on that you can easily upsell to your customers with a high hit rate?

Car Refinishing

Many years ago, friends set up and ran a successful car refinishing business.

The service was not cheap.  It cost around $600 to $1,000 !

But at the end of the job, your car looked as good as the day you drove it out of the showroom.

“What was their upsell?”,  I hear you ask . . .

At the end of the job, they explained how to maintain the high shine finish and gave them a bottle of the car wash that was previously promised them.

They also offered a set of microfibre washing and polishing cloths for $45.

This was when microfibre was still quite new.

They used the microfibre cloths on the job, and they were and still are the best cloth to use on your car.

The result . . .

For an extra 5 minutes, they added significant profit to the job, for a higher hourly rate than the job itself !!  LOL

So . . .

What is your “Fries” product?

What is your easy upsell?

Something that has high margins for you but is relatively low cost for your customer to buy.

Think about small and useful products in your range.

The keys to this are:

  1. it must be low cost, high margin for you to provide

  2. it must be high value to your customers

Well, that is quite simple really!


What should you do now?

  1. Identify your “fries” product.

  2. Do some “trial sales” to find out how best to sell it.

  3. Want some help or ideas? Just contact us at Hotpink Websites now.



I went into a McDonald’s yesterday and said, “I’d like some fries.”
The girl at the counter said, “Would you like some fries with that?”
~ Jay Leno

Remember – Do You Want Fries With That?


Do You Want Fries With That?

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