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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Business Networking Tips 07

Here another Business Networking Tip that you will find invaluable.

If you only implement it.

Many networking events will give you an opportunity to stand up for 30 seconds to talk about your business.

But many networkers may as well not bother . . . .

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The 30 second pitch or promotional is pretty standard at most networking events these days.

It is an excellent opportunity to get known to the group.

But many business networkers may as well not bother.

Why is that so?

There are many mistakes made in delivering a 30 seconds promotional pitch, including:

  • Waffling

  • Timing

  • Identity

  • Tag line

  • Stand up

  • Preparation, or lack of

Let’s start with . . .

The Waffler

If you have never been to a networking event, you almost certainly have experienced the Waffler.

This person tries to tell an epic story in their 30 seconds, and it almost always runs over time by another 30-90 seconds.

They bring up all sorts of interesting bits of information that make the story longer but really do not add to the impact of their pitch.

What if they just said something like this?

“Our company provides quality ABC services.Last week, a client spent $20 on our services and generated $1800 of sales in that week.”

This has high impact and takes only five seconds to deliver.

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Time me (Photo credit: mrlins)


Following on from the previous point, timing is paramount to the effectiveness of your pitch.

The quicker that you can deliver a powerful statement, the more impact it will have.

The longer you take, the more chance for people to get distracted or zone out.


Networking is often about establishing your identity in a group or a community.

Stating your name and company at the beginning AND the end of your pitch is important for this reason.

“Hello.  Philip from Hotpink Websites.”

Most people remember to do this at the beginning but usually forget to add it at the end as well.

Tag line

A snappy tag line is another key element to be memorable in the group.

One of the most memorable taglines I have heard was presented by Christine Springall – the lady who organises Wine Tours.  It was . . .

“We drive you to drink.”

It gets a huge laugh, and is very memorable. I still remember it!

And as a result, I remember the lady and her business.

Stand Up

Standing up to deliver your promotional pitch is good advice.

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stand up paddle boarder (Photo credit: dcysurfer / Dave Young)

If you don’t stand up, people cannot see who you are, and quite often cannot hear you either.

AND stay standing until you are finished.

This sounds ridiculous, but many people start sitting down before they finish the pitch.  

The impact that they created, has just been lost.

You wouldn’t sit down while riding a wave, so don’t do it in your presentation !


Many people are still composing their pitch while the person next to them is delivering theirs!

Unless you are really, really good at it, do not leave the composition of your 30 second promotional until the last minute.


Well, that is quite simple really!


What should you do now?

  1. Follow these steps and establish yourself as a leader.

  2. Want some help or ideas? Just contact us at Hotpink Websites now.



I have 23 top players and they are all ready to put on the jersey and work on their pitch, and that makes me happy.
~ Diego Maradona

Remember – Business Networking Tips 07


Business Networking Tips 07

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