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Monday, 30 September 2013

Google just turned SEO upside down again

Yes, that’s right . . . Google just turned SEO upside down again!

One thing that you can be sure of is that Google will keep changing things.

But there is one constant in all of this, and if you follow this you should be reasonably safe, and that is . . .

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Google Chrome (Photo credit:


We have said it before 100 times, and we will say it again . . .


That’s right!

Regardless of all the fancy schmancy SEO techniques, you still cannot beat good, old fashioned CONTENT for Google results.

Google is a search engine and it wants to help people find the information that they are searching for.

Provide that information and you are way ahead already.

The Hummingbird Update

On Sept 24, Google introduced the Hummingbord Update, so named because Google says it is “precise and fast”.

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Apple iPad (Photo credits: Best Buy)

In summary, this update moves closer towards providing the precise information that searchers are looking for.

Conversational Search

So . . .

if you type in “Places to buy an iPad near my home”, Google will look at this more closely.

Rather than just providing a list of websites that sell iPads, Google will:

  • see that you are probably looking for a shop (“place”) rather than a website

  • look for places that are “near you”

The goal being to provide results that more accurately match the search questions.

This is called a “Conversational Search”.

You can read more about the Hummingbird algorithm update at Search Engine Land.

Keyword Results

Another big change that has come out is that Google is limiting or stopping the supply of Keyword Information.

In the past, Google has provided information about what keywords people are using to search with, making it easier for SEO techs to target those keywords.

The impact of this change on SEO remains to be seen.

SEO technicians have used Keyword Research in an attempt to second guess what Google will do and provide the information that Google wants.

This change further supports the idea that Google is moving towards Conversations, not Keywords.

Well, that is quite simple really!


What should you do now?

  1. Keep building quality CONTENT in your website.

  2. Want some help or ideas? Just contact us at Hotpink Websites now.



What if, one day google gets deleted and we couldn’t google what happened to google.
~ Nishan Panwar

Remember – Google just turned SEO upside down again


Google just turned SEO upside down again

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